Thermo Scientific™ O'RangeRuler 5 bp DNA Ladder, Ready-to-Use 10-100 bp

Perform precise sizing of PCR products and other double-stranded DNA fragments in agarose or non-denaturing polyacrylamide gels with this DNA step ladder of 5 bp increments. O'RANGERULER 5BP 50UG

Thermo Scientific™ GeneArt™ CRISPR Nuclease Vector with CD4 Enrichment Kit

Simple, ready-to-use, all-in-one expression vector system for CRISPR-based genome editing. 10RXN GENEART CRISPR NUC CD4 ENRICH (A21175) LITL18 Promotion

Invitrogen™ Novex™ High-Density TBE Sample Buffer (5X)

Compatible with polyacrylamide gels HI-DENS TBE SMPL BUF(5X)10ML

Fisher BioReagents™ SurePrep™ Urine Exfoliated Cell RNA Purification Kit

Rapid method for the isolation and purification of total RNA from exfoliated cells that have been shed into the urine from the urinary tract X50 Sureprep urine exfoliated cell RNA purification kit, spin column with a proprietary resin

Thermo Scientific™ dCTP

Optimize molecular biology applications with this extremely pure dCTP. DCTP 100MM 0.25ML

Thermo Scientific™ Mini kit de purification d’ADN génomique de sang entier GeneJET™

Perform silica membrane-based genomic DNA purification from fresh, frozen anticoagulated mammalian blood, aged blood, buffy coat, bone marrow and body fluids. GENEJET BLOOD GEN DNA 50 PREP

Invitrogen™ DDM (n-dodecyl β-D-maltoside) (10%)

Detergent solution used to prepare native protein samples for use with the NativePAGE™ Gel System 10% DDM

Thermo Scientific™ GeneRuler™ Ready-to-use 100bp Plus DNA Ladder PROMO

Perform sizing and approximate quantification of a wide range of double-stranded DNA on agarose or polyacrylamide gels. MP51 PROMOTION GeneRuler 100 bp Plus DNA Ladder, RTU

Applied Biosystems™ Centri-Spin™ Spin Columns

Process samples faster than ultrafiltration columns X20 CENTRI-SPIN 10

Thermo Scientific™ Échelle d’ADN O'GeneRuler™ prête à l’emploi 100 bp Plus

Perform sizing and approximate quantification of a wide range of double-stranded DNA on agarose or polyacrylamide gels. O'GENERULER 100BP PLUS 50UG

Thermo Scientific™ Kit de PCR directe à partir de tissus animaux Phire™

PCR directly from various animal tissues including mice, fish, birds and insects without DNA purification. 200RXN Phire animal tissue direct PCR kit(supplied without Harris tools)

Invitrogen™ Ambion™ RNAlater™ Stabilization Solution

Immediate RNase inactivation and RNA stabilization within tissues or cells RNALATER 100 ML

Fisher BioReagents™ Nucleotides

Nucleotides for PCR with a purity level of >98% triphosphate dNTP Set containing dATP, dCTP, dGTP and dTTP, 100mM solutions in purified water

Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan™ Universal Master Mix II, No UNG

TaqMan™ Universal Master Mix II is a convenient mix of components (except primers, probes, template & water) necessary to perform a real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR). X2 TAQMAN UNIVERSAL MMIX II (4440047) LITL18 Promotion

Invitrogen™ ChargeSwitch™ iPrep™ iPrep ChargeSwitch Forensic Kit

Simple, three-step procedure in aqueous buffers IPREP CHARGESWITCH FORENSIC

Applied Biosystems™ GeneAmp™ Fast PCR Master Mix (2X)

Sensitive, pre-mixed hot-start chemistries TF,GENEAMP FAST PCR MM ANDFor Research Use Only. All usage must comply with

Invitrogen™ Chargeswitch™ Pro Filter BAC Buffer Kit

Convenient buffer kit enabling to separately purchase all buffers needed for the ChargeSwitch™ Pro Filter Plasmid kits CST PRO FILTER BAC BUFFER KITFor Research Use Only. All usage must comply with

Ambion™ TaqMan™ MicroRNA Cells-to-CT™ Kit

Perform microRNA (miRNA) expression profiling directly from cultured cells without RNA purification TAQMAN MICRORNA CELLS-TO-CTFor Research Use Only. All usage must comply with

Invitrogen™ Quant-iT™ RiboGreen™ RNA Reagent

One of most sensitive fluorescent dyes available for quantitation of RNA in solution X10 QUANT-IT RIBOGREEN RNA REA

Thermo Scientific™ Reagents for GeneJET™ Plasmid Miniprep Kit

Components of the GeneJET Plasmid Miniprep Kit (K0502/K0503) that may be purchased separately. LYSIS SOLUTION 70ML

Invitrogen™ Quant-iT™ Qubit ssDNA Assay Kit

Ideal for quantitating single-stranded DNA or oligonucleotides QUBIT SSDNA ASSAY KIT- 100 (Q10212) LITL18 Promotion

Ambion™ RiboPure™ RNA Purification Kit, bacteria

High quality RNA isolation from bacteria RIBOPURE -BACTERIA 1 KIT

Thermo Scientific™ Agarose TopVision

TopVision Agarose is highly purified agarose suitable for analytical and preparative electrophoresis of nucleic acids. TOPVISION AGAROSE 500G

Thermo Scientific™ NoLimits DNA Fragment 500 bp

Optimize applications where a custom DNA size standard is required with NoLimits, a collection of 36 chromatography-purified individual DNA fragments ranging from 10 -20,000bp. NOLIMITS 500BP 10UG

Thermo Scientific™ Buffers for MagJET™ Viral Kit


Thermo Scientific™ Mini kit de purification d’ADN génomique végétal GeneJET™

Perform silica membrane-based genomic DNA isolation from a wide variety of plant species and tissue types, including leaves, seeds, and roots. GENEJET PLANT GEN DNA, 50 PREP

Ambion™ RiboPure™ RNA Purification Kit, blood

RNA isolation directly from whole blood RIBOPURE-BLOOD 1 KIT(2 PARTS)

Invitrogen™ Ambion™ PureLink™ miRNA Isolation Kit, Mini scale

Small RNA molecule purification without hazardous reagents PURELINK MIRNA ISOLATION KIT

Ambion™ RiboPure™ RNA Purification Kit

Enzymatic pretreatment not required RIBOPURE RNA ISOLATION KIT

Thermo Scientific™ Reagents for MagJET™ Plasmid DNA Kit