Instruments chromatographiques

Scat™ Air Valves For SafetyCaps

Block harmful vapors and protect your solvent from contamination with these valves. Scat™ Air Valves For SafetyCaps feature PTFE filters for contaminants and dust particles. X10 Air valve for SafetyCaps

S.C.A.T.™ Soupape à air

Use the S.C.A.T.&trade Air Valve for Safety Caps to block harmful vapors and protect your solvent from contamination. Because it absorbs dust and contaminant particles from the surrounding air, the valve should be replaced every 6 months to ensure flawless operation. Air valve f. SafetyCaps, preparative, UNF 1/4" 28G

Thermo Scientific™ Inserts de ports d’injection pour instruments Thermo Scientific™, insert droit à débit divisé ; 3 x 5 x 79.5 mm ; pour instruments Mega 4000, 5000 et 6000

Les liners de chambre d’injection pour instruments Thermo sont hautement désactivés et produits aux tolérances exactes requises pour assurer un haut degré de reproductibilité. X5 GC INJECTION PORT LINER 5X 5X795X79

GE Healthcare Kit GL45 avec couvercle à vis en polypropylène

Utilisé pour sécuriser les récipients. Le kit GL45 avec couvercle à vis en PP GE Healthcare se compose d’un couvercle à vis et d’une membrane de bouchon. VIS LID GL45 KIT, AKTA

GE Healthcare Akta Start Chromatography System

Easy-to-use chromatography system that automates manual purification procedures.  GE Healthcare Akta Start Chromatography System includes standalone system with accessory box and user documentation. AKTA START - MAIN INSTRUMENT

Thermo Scientific™ Bague d’étanchéité pour insert en graphite, pour inserts Agilent de 2.0 mm

Adapté à une utilisation avec des liners d’injection dans les instruments de nombreux fabricants X10 LINER SEALING RINGS GRAPHITEGRAPHITE

GE Healthcare Frac30 Model Fraction Collector

Used as a round fraction collector. GE Healthcare Frac30 Model Fraction Collector allows you to collect up to 30 fractions. FRACTION COLLECTOR, FRAC30

Thermo Scientific™ pH Gradient Buffers

Robust reproducible gradients that are applicable to a wide range of MAbs and ready to use with existing LC columns and systems, without the need to formulate mobile phases.


S.C.A.T.™ Bouchon de sécurité IV

SafetyCap IV, GL 45, 4x 3,2mm OD

Trajan Scientific and Medical™ Écrous en métal SilTite™

The unique deactivation process of SGE inlet liners provides excellent analysis for a wide range of compounds GC deactivated inlet liner SGE split/splitless

Thermo Scientific™ Injection Port Liners for Agilent instruments

Use these injection port liners to optimize performance of Agilent GC instruments. X5 INJECTION PORT LINER CYCLO/SI

Spectrum™ Collecteur de fraction Spectrum™ Spectra/Chrom™ CF 1

Combines rugged, reliable mechanical features with highly sophisticated peak separation and collection capabilities VANNE 3 VOIES POUR 81900/81958

Thermo Scientific™ Boucles d’échantillonnage Rheodyne™, pour 8125, 50 µl, alésage de 0.30 mm

Thermo Scientific™ Rheodyne Sample Loops are for Rheodyne sample injectors in stainless steel or biocompatible PEEK. RHEODYNE SAMPLE LOOP 5µL

EMD Millipore SYSTEME DE FILTRATION MILLISOLVE Filtration de solvant en continu, volume max. 2 l,

Accessories for filter holders for sample preparation. SYSTEME DE FILTRATION MILLISOLVE

GE Healthcare™ Boucles d’échantillonnage en fluoroéthane propène

Fitted FEP tubing sample loops. GE Healthcare Sample loops supplied with ferrules and unions.  ECHANTILLON BOUCLE, TEFLON, 10 MLML

Thermo Scientific™ Bottom-of-the-Bottle™ Solvent Filters

Protect your HPLC system with Thermo Scientific™ Bottom-of-the-Bottle™ Solvent Filters. 2um PEEK Solvent Filter (suits Waters)

GE Healthcare™ Kit pour support de filtre en ligne

Use as filter holder for buffer inlet tubes.   GE Healthcare Lifescience™ Inlet filter holder kit is an important chromatography accessory. FILTRE HOLDER KIT

GE Healthcare™ OUTER END PIECE (18-1118-61)

OUTER END PIECE (18-1118-61)


Designed for high-resolution liquid chromatography of biomolecules performed at medium to high pressures. STORAGE/SHIPPING DEVICE

S.C.A.T.™ Safety Cap I

SafetyCap I, GL45, preparative, 1x 4,76mm OD

Thermo Scientific™ Injecteurs d’échantillon Thermo Scientific Rheodyne™ 7725 et 7725i

Obtenez des injections HPLC précises et une bonne protection contre les chocs de pression avec les injecteurs d’échantillons à mode double Thermo Scientific™ Rheodyne™ 7725 et 7725i.


Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Protein A/G Plus Agarose

Thermo Scientific Pierce Protein A/G Plus Agarose is an exceptionally high-capacity Protein A/G beaded agarose resin for use in a variety of antibody affinity purification methods 20ML PIERCE PROTEIN A/G PLUS AGAROS

Thermo Scientific™ Rheodyne™ 7010 Sample Injector

Ensure accurate and precise high-volume HPLC injections with the single-mode Thermo Scientific™ Rheodyne™ 7010 Sample Injector. INJECTEUR SPLE MODE A BOUCLE 20µL20µL

GE Healthcare™ Électrode pH

Provides temperature-compensated pH measurements. GE Healthcare pH Electrode has a rounded tip. PH ELECTRODE, RONDE POINTE